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Transforming Our Patterns

Over the past twenty years, I’ve had the privilege of partnering with and learning from many inspiring and gifted people in fields ranging from Equus coaching, to wilderness immersions, animal tracking, ecological and environmental education, and a multitude of integrative healing and wellness practices.

I am grateful to the following individuals for joining me in facilitating Coaching Support and  Retreats throughout the year.

Support Coaches

Meet the Team

Patrick Gaines

Stepping into the role of a modern elder, Patrick brings over 40 years of experience as a musician, business leader, endurance athlete, and survivor to cultivate authentic, empowering and restorative relationships with others.

Meet the Team

Meghan Walla-Murphy

As an Educator, Ecological Consultant and Writer of books, essays and articles, Meghan strives to help people connect to their external and internal landscapes.
Meet the Team

Ashley Gates Jansen

Ash is an interfaith minister who goes wherever she is called. She is also a theater artist and former teacher at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. She has extensive experience working with artists, addictions, mental illness, spiritual despair, and personal relationships.

What Clients Say

“The small group size made it possible for everyone to have individual attention and coaching. There was nothing ‘boilerplate’ or ‘standardized’ in Koelle’s approach. She touched all of our hearts in an individual and very personal way. Incredible.”

Carolyn J.

“….I loved the animals—relating how they interact with each other with how we, humans, could do the same in our life…..It opened my mind to new perspectives on life and helped me with some of my blindspots. It especially helped me pause in my habitual response to always wanting to be right.”

Pat J.

“My favorite part of the workshop was the ability to see real-time how our experience of ourselves plays out in our interactions with others. Noticing how even the subtlest of changes in my energy or breath impacted my conversation with the horse was amazing.”

Sheppard Lake

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