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The wisdom and insights we gain when submerging ourselves in the rhythms of Mother Nature can be truly life changing. Koelle offers a handful of experiential life coaching retreats throughout the year at specially chosen locations. She partners with various animals and kindred spirits to help each of us restore a meaningful connection to ourselves and the natural world.

Free TeleClass Series: A Time for Connection

When given the right tools and an environment of non-judgmental support, we can transform some of life’s most heartbreaking moments and restore our ability for meaningful engagement and connection.

That’s why I’ve created a three-part teleclass to help you gain awareness of the ripple effect trauma can have on our lives and how you can begin to transform the patterns that unknowingly perpetuate disconnection.

Embrace an Intimate Life

Lessons from the Herd to Repair Our Relationships

Retreat Dates and Location:
Fall Retreat Hosted at Nacimiento Ranch in Paso Robles, CA
October 15th & 16th, 2021

Over the last year of the pandemic, we’ve been forced to isolate ourselves from the world. For many of us, this has resulted in a major separation from a genuine sense of connection of all kinds – especially friendship and love. This would be hard on anyone, but is particularly challenging for people who already struggle to open themselves to relationships.

Return to the Heart

Lessons from the Wild Elephant Herds of South Africa

Londolozi Game Reserve, South Africa

August 25th – 29th, 2022 – One available!

Return to Your Original Language—The Language of Energy.

Join Koelle at Londolozi Game Reserve this May for a very special gathering. Come together for a 5-day, 4-night retreat to restore the mind, body, and heart. In this intimate setting, in one of the wildest places on the planet, we will expand our understanding of the original language of energy, learning directly from wild elephant herds.

Private Equus Coaching Retreats with Koelle

Deepen your relationships and transform your patterns. Discover your natural state of creativity, well-being and vitality.

You’re invited to work one-on-one with Koelle Simpson and discover what is possible when horses are the teachers.

Take a personal deep dive and explore the unconscious patterns that may be playing a key role in you all your relationships and set up a one, two or three-day private Equus Coaching session with Koelle.

Sessions can be arranged year-round throughout the US.

Are you interested in having Koelle Simpson come to your part of the globe to share the Equus Coaching experience with you?

If so please join our Australia/New Zealand Interest List or UK/Europe Interest List and we will be sure to contact you when the next event in your area is scheduled.

What Clients Say

“The small group size made it possible for everyone to have individual attention and coaching. There was nothing ‘boilerplate’ or ‘standardized’ in Koelle’s approach. She touched all of our hearts in an individual and very personal way. Incredible.”

Carolyn J.

“….I loved the animals—relating how they interact with each other with how we, humans, could do the same in our life…..It opened my mind to new perspectives on life and helped me with some of my blindspots. It especially helped me pause in my habitual response to always wanting to be right.”

Pat J.

“My favorite part of the workshop was the ability to see real-time how our experience of ourselves plays out in our interactions with others. Noticing how even the subtlest of changes in my energy or breath impacted my conversation with the horse was amazing.”

Sheppard Lake

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