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Koelle Simpson Trauma Life Coach

A Personal Letter to You 

Throughout my life, there have been many times I felt consumed by a deep sense of hopelessness in the wake of trauma. These periods were all characterized by a lack of trust in people, all of life, and sadly, within myself.

Again and again, I’ve found solace in the wisdom of nature, especially the way horses have offered me a powerful roadmap for restoring a genuine state of peace and playfulness within myself. The fierce honesty and gentle guidance of my horse friends have revealed profound ways for me to explore, play, and reconnect to my own innate wisdom, restore compassionate connection with others,  and fully integrate with the natural world. 

Over the past 18 years, it has been my humble privilege to share my experiences with individual clients and groups through Equus Coaching & Training, Personal Development Coaching, and immersive wild animal excursions and retreats from South Africa to Europe, and throughout the United States.

Our living planet so sweetly hosts a global ecosystem in which all life depends on reciprocity and connection. Unlike most other animals, today’s humans face unprecedented  challenges resulting from multiple generations that have been adversely impacted by the compounding ripple effects of trauma.

Those ripples seep into  every aspect of our lives, creating  a vicious cycle where our trauma becomes activated, which, in turn, creates conflict that triggers even more trauma. The dismal result leaves most of us stuck repeating the same, painful patterns with little hope for change.

Fortunately, humanity is not destined to be enslaved to an endless cycle of conflict, trauma and suffering. The most effective way I’ve found to change trauma-based cycles for myself and my clients is by turning toward one’s own self in a safe, honest and accepting environment. As we foster more self compassion, we can transform the relationship we have towards ourselves, which allows a profound change to occur in our relationships with others and nature.

Our reward for achieving deeper states of connection and inter-relatedness is the discovery of a restored relationship with life itself.

Like the unyielding current of a mountain stream, our collective transformations will cascade through powerful channels in which all of humanity can re-engage in the enchanting flow of life’s great mystery.


What You Need to Know

I’m not a licensed therapist or a psychologist. The result of learning directly from Mother Nature over the past four decades, is an insatiable determination to learn all I can about how we can integrate our experiences of trauma. I’m honored to share with you the insights and practices that have transformed my life. It is with deep humility and gratitude that I continue to bear witness to  the way that implementing these lessons has given my clients an enduring sense of freedom and aliveness.

World-renowned Trauma Life Coach

I am a life coach, horse whisperer, spiritual mentor with more than 20 years of experience. I am also the founder of an internationally renowned Equus Coaching Movement. I support individuals and organizational clients worldwide, both online and in person, including South Africa, Europe, the UAE, Canada, and the United States. Beginning in early childhood, horses have been an important part of my journey to overcome trauma and rebuild a sense of trust in myself and the world around me.

I trained for 4 years with an internationally recognized equine trainer, where I completed a personally-tailored residential apprenticeship as a lead teaching instructor. From 2004-2008, I completed an internationally renowned life-coaching apprenticeship. My work has been featured in O Magazine, BBC Business Report, the National Journal, the OWN Network and I’m a TEDx speaker. I’ve been featured in various nationally recognized publications, books and television shows. I’ve traveled the globe providing unique nature based retreats that invite participants to discover what’s possible when we feel safe enough to be our whole selves.

In 2006, I founded the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching out of a desire (and demand!) to share my life-transforming equine insights with others. I’ve designed an extensive and unique training program that instructs future Equus Coaches how to safely and effectively conduct Equus Coaching sessions for their clients. Over the past seventeen years, the resulting Equus Institute alumni have evolved into a global community of compassionate and highly skilled Equus Coaches dedicated to facilitating transformative encounters with horses. This training institute is now led and managed by one of my long time teaching instructors, Erin Cutshall.

Today, I live in Colorado with my partner Patrick Gaines. I’m an advanced Somatic Experiencing practitioner through Dr. Peter Levine as well as a DARe Attachment Theory practitioner through Dr. Diane Poole Heller. Additionally, I’m a certified Psychedelic Somatic Institute therapist and hold a bachelors in psychology from Naropa University.

At present, I am completing a memoir that is being developed into a feature film. Beyond the intentions of creating a full feature-length film, this ambitious project is designed to empower youth and adults to transform trauma’s impact into resilience and healing. I have teamed up with filmmaker, Erahm Christopher who creates film projects as a platform to deliver comprehensive mental health initiatives with measurable perspective shifts and behavioral changes. 

I currently focus my time supporting individual clients and facilitating transformational nature-based retreats, all of which are keenly guided by the wisdom of animals. I am a humble student of life and I constantly marvel at the magic and resilience of the human spirit.


Do you have an interest in becoming an Equus Coach®?

The Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching is a world class training institute and community of Equus Coaches dedicated to personal transformation, authentic leadership and empowered living.

Founded by Koelle Simpson, the Institute offers immersive experiences with horses to help individuals and institutions reconnect and change their lives through insightful facilitation with horses.

When Was the Last Time You Felt Safe to Be Your Whole Self?

We often don’t realize the stressful impacts our current environments have on our everyday lives. We’re often told to portray a perfect, unflappable version of ourselves. Never reveal our weaknesses, fears and confusion. We’re somehow supposed to make all the right choices and do it perfectly.

The animal kingdom, on the other hand, offers a stark contrast. Theirs is a world where every unique character, emotion and personal expression belongs. They are naturally themselves.


Are you ready to embrace the wisdom of your own true nature?

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