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Virtual Trauma Life Coaching

Transform the Effects of Trauma in the Comfort of Your Home

When facing life’s challenges, we all need loving support. Even though our culture values fierce independence and a ‘pull yourself up your bootstraps’ ethos, we sometimes feel shamed for our lack of confidence, depression, anxiety and isolation.

I believe that we’re never meant to navigate the many challenges of life, on our own. We greatly need each other in order to truly transform the subtle layers of shame, self-doubt and other genius coping patterns we’ve developed to navigate the stress and dysfunction of modern life.

I’ve spent a lifetime learning how to restore a sense of trust in oneself, from Mother Nature. My own healing journey has taken me for a deep dive into the complex ripple effects of trauma and, more importantly, how to genuinely reconnect to a place of wellbeing and self-empowerment by listening to the greater intelligence of one’s own body. When we take a somatic, body centered approach to unpacking challenging life events, just like the rest of the animal kingdom, we can spark our capacity to heal and transform the past. 

If you’re seeking support on your life’s journey to restore safe, meaningful connections with yourself and others I invite you to book a virtual life coaching session with me (via video-conferencing), I’d be honored and happy to help you discover what is possible.

With gratitude,

Virtual Coaching

Koelle Simpson Pricing & Scheduling

Schedule 1 Session at a Time

One 75 Min Coaching Session

$280 per session

Schedule 10 Sessions at a Time

Series of Ten 75 Min Coaching Sessions

$2,380 Total with a 15% Discount for 10 (saving $420)
$238 per session

Schedule 1 Couples or Paired Session

One 2 hour Couples or Paired Coaching Session

$375 per session

Before Your Session


Personal Preparation

To make the most of your time with me, please fill out this brief questionnaire about your area of challenge/s.


Your Environment: Quiet & Undisturbed

For the most effective and comfortable session, please ensure you have a private and quiet setting. Please use headphones where possible for improved sound quality and reduced feedback.


Zoom Conferencing for Coaching Sessions

Your Zoom session log-in details will be emailed to you upon payment. If you’re new to Zoom please learn this very easy to use platform and join Zoom’s Test Meeting prior to your coaching session.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes unpredictable things happen in life. A cancellation request made at least 48 hours before the date and time of your scheduled session is fully refundable minus a $25 administrative processing fee. Any cancellation made less than 48 hours before the date and time of your scheduled session is non-refundable. At our discretion, we may offer a one-time reschedule of your session should there be extenuating circumstances.

Should there be an unexpected technology glitch for either participant that prevents an effective virtual coaching experience at the date and time of the scheduled session, the session may be rescheduled for a new date and time that work for both participants.

Contact Me

Everyone’s journey is entirely unique. But I sincerely believe that no one should make that journey alone. Contact me to discuss how I can support you.

The animal kingdom, on the other hand, offers a stark contrast. Theirs is a world where every unique character, emotion and personal expression belongs. They are naturally themselves.

Are you ready to embrace the wisdom of your own true nature?

What Clients Say

“It showed me once again that listening to my heart is the right thing even when ‘reason’ says it is obviously not reasonable and that my inner critic shouts that I am crazy and selfish when I have so many other things and people to take care of. The experience also brought to light how much I pay attention to other people’s agendas and compromise my own.”

Johanna M

“In one of my first Equus Coaching sessions, I discovered how tight and stressed I became when I tried to ask for something I wanted. It was obvious that I was struggling to embrace my value and allow myself to truly connect with something I wanted in my life……I wanted to begin a new journey towards the relationship I was having with myself and learn to celebrate my own needs.”

Susan Terry

“I had no idea how much pain was inside of me and no idea what to do with it. Koelle walked me through steps that led to an understanding of how to start valuing myself so I may connect with other people in a healthy way.”

Susan B.

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