Dissolve the Effects of Trauma

Enabling you to meet the unknown with a peaceful, self-empowered presence.

Renewing Kinship

Nature’s Path to Self-Discovery

Return to the Heart

Lessons from the Wild Elephant Herds of South Africa

Virtual Coaching

Let nature’s wisdom help restore a healthy connection to yourself and others.

Bear Wisdom

Learning what bears can teach us about tracking our internal and external landscapes

Koelle Simpson virtual Life Coach dealing with trauma patients through equus coaching and retreats

Internationally Renowned Trauma Life Coach, Horse Whisperer & Spiritual Mentor

Experiencing significant hearing loss as a young child prompted me to search for new ways to understand the world. I was deeply curious about how animals communicate in a non-verbal language. I started a life-long exploration of how they uniquely navigate their world. In my youth after enduring years of sexual abuse and trauma, I responded by disconnecting from people. I longed for a sense of safety and found myself turning to animals to escape. The consistent communication I experienced with animals offered me a true place of belonging.

I took notice of the way animals modeled an entirely different way of being. They were clear, consistent, expressed healthy boundaries with one another, and most importantly they weren’t shy to be whole-heartedly themselves. I saw their innate resilience and uncanny ability to re-engage in the world around them, even after experiences of trauma. This fueled me with a renewed sense of hope. It became clear that animals hold an important road map for how to restore healthy relationships with ourselves and one another.

This led me on a journey of self-discovery where I recognized the myriad of ways I was trying to cope with the trauma that was eroding my life. Through my profound relationships with animals, I was able to rediscover and reconnect with an essential environment of safety and belonging. It was a deeply immersive journey. The insight I’ve learned directly from animals unexpectedly brought me full circle to foster a whole new level of connection to human beings. Now, I’ve dedicated my life to helping humanity create a better world by restoring trust in ourselves, in one another and in the vast intelligence of the natural world as a trauma life coach.

Transformative Experiences Through Personal Development Retreats

While each person’s journey is unique, dissolving the ripple effects of intergenerational trauma is a universal collective need. When we harness our courage to transform old behavioral patterns, we unleash an abundance of creativity to meet uncertainty with a playful spirit. We also reignite our highly resilient nature.

Whether you’re looking for a virtual trauma life coach or a unique, soul nourishing retreat submerged in the wisdom of nature, I’m honored to help you restore your sense of hope, purpose and passion. Transform your past and access the vital ingredients needed to create a whole new world.

Newsworthy Transformation: Humble Learning from Nature

My passion to continue learning as a humble student of Mother Nature has cultivated a whole new perspective. I’m dedicated to understanding how to grow and evolve beyond a culture of intergenerational trauma and to help others transform their lives.

Join me and a vast global community to share how we can do this together.

What Clients Say

“The small group size made it possible for everyone to have individual attention and coaching. There was nothing ‘boilerplate’ or ‘standardized’ in Koelle’s approach. She touched all of our hearts in an individual and very personal way. Incredible.”


Carolyn J.

“I was most surprised by my post-workshop growth, awareness, and opening which continued for many days after! I didn’t realize how much ‘armor’ I had carried my whole life until I took it off and realized I didn’t want to put it back on.”


Teresa Wong

“I loved the whole retreat experience. It helped me get back in touch with nature. I also became really aware of some of the old thought patterns that make up my internal landscape. I felt supported and empowered to shift these old patterns and developed more confidence to communicate my needs and boundaries.” 


Karen W.

“It was such a fabulous and unique experience. To spend that kind of time in the natural wilderness feels like a true gift to your body and mind. I had many great learnings, but especially that you can experience beauty at the same time as you have pain in any form. There is a duality in life that people talk about, but you really don’t understand it until you experience it personally. That happened to me and offers me such peace moving forward as I know it is accessible to me at any time.”

Kay C.

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