Return to the Heart Retreat

Lessons from the Wild Elephant Herds of South Africa

Londolozi Game Reserve, South Africa
Pioneer Camp

August 31st – Sept. 4th, 2024


Return to Your Original Language – The Language of the Heart

Every year, I spend time in the South African bush veld at the world class luxury game lodge called Londolozi. For several weeks, I submerge myself in the magical symphony of the wilderness that surrounds me—the chittering of the vervet monkeys, the roaring of the lion, the laughing of the hyenas. When the beauty of the land and the indescribable presence of animals meets the wild landscape of my own heart, a deep sense of homecoming is awakened in me.

I want to invite you to join me here at Londolozi for a very special gathering. We will come together for a 5-day, 4-night retreat to restore the mind, body, and heart. In this intimate setting, in one of the wildest places on the planet, we will expand our understanding of the original language of the heart, learning directly from wild elephants herds.

Through my work in Equus Coaching, I’ve often spoken on the importance for each of us to become more aware of our internal emotional feeling states and the primary relationship we are always having with how we treat ourselves. Certainly, horses are wonderful at helping us to viscerally experience the power of our internal dialogue and our emotional feeling states.

In turns out that if we’re willing to become curious and listen, elephants are also truly remarkable in their ability to model for us what life can feel like if we choose to place a connection to ourselves and others at the center of our focus. For me, spending time with and observing wild animals—most especially elephants— is an incredible way to witness the patterns we’ve adopted from our cultural, social, and familial systems that are no longer serving us. I’ve found that returning our awareness to the universal language of the heart invites us to reconnect with our essential nature so that we can once again create a life that serves the heart.

I’m inviting you to join me, August 31st – Sept. 4th, 2024, for a unique adventure to beautiful South Africa. This is a very intimate event and space is limited to only six people.

During our time together, you will…

  • Rest and restore your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Enjoy coming together in a small community.
  • Submerge yourself into the frequency of our essential nature.
  • Learn directly from the wisdom of the elephant herds.
  • Delight in morning and evening game drives, up close and personal with the land and its animals.
  • Take your awareness for the universal language of emotion to a next level.
  • Luxuriate in the beauty of your environment AND your accommodations. Londolozi is the only luxury game lodge in the world of its kind. This is not your usual holiday trip.
  • Come to partner with the land and animals to re-wild the human spirit.
  • Treat yourself to incredible culinary delights, fine wines, lots of laughter, camp fires under the stars, animal tracking, and soulful connections with one another.
  • Warm yourself with the vibrancy of the bush veld, active animal life, and Londolozi’s Healing House treatments.
  • Enjoy pampering your body with a bit of divine decadence – massage, yoga and an afternoon nap by the pool.

I hope you will join me.

Return to the Heart

Retreat Agenda

Return to the Heart

Day 1: Noticing the Call of the Heart

  • 1:00pm | Lunch on arrival at Londolozi. Taste the world-class cuisine on the deck at Pioneer Camp
  • 2:00pm | Retreat introductions and the sharing of personal intentions
  • 3:30pm | Afternoon game drive. Get into the Land Rover, out into the wilderness, and allow the animals to help us begin noticing our inner landscape.
  • 7:00pm | Dinner, laughter, and the sharing of stories
Return to the Heart

Day 2: Observing Our Relationship to Our Bodies & Our Emotions

  • 6:00am | Dawn departure for the morning game drive to greet the elephants
  • 10:00am | Breakfast, group coaching, and debrief the session with the elephants
    12:00pm | Lunch, rest, yoga, and private coaching sessions upon request
  • 3:00pm | Afternoon game drive to be with elephants and to track our patterns of seeking connection
  • 6:00pm | Dinner, campfire, and connecting
Return to the Heart

Day 3: Communication Through the Language of The Heart

6:00am | Dawn departure for morning game drive to greet the elephants
10:00am | Breakfast, group coaching, and debrief the session with the elephants
12:00pm | Lunch, rest, yoga, and private coaching sessions upon reques
3:00pm | Afternoon tracking session and evening game drive
6:00pm | Dinner, campfire, and connecting

Return to the Heart

Day 4: The Integration of More Authentic Connection to Ourselves

6:00am | Dawn departure for morning game drive to greet the elephants
10:00am | Breakfast, group coaching, and debrief the session with the elephants
12:00pm | Lunch, rest, yoga, and private coaching sessions upon request
3:00pm | Afternoon tracking session and evening game drives
6:00pm | Dinner, campfire, and connecting

Return to the Heart

Day 5: The Forming of Your Herd

  • 6:00am | Dawn departure for morning game drive
  • 10:00am | Breakfast and closing discussion
  • 12:00pm | Departure

Program Details & Registration

Retreat Dates: August 31st – Sept. 4th, 2024

Retreat pricing includes all meals and accommodations during your retreat. At Pioneer Camp you’ll be sharing a chalet with a fellow participant. You’ll each have an individual bed and bathroom.

Flights to and from Johannesburg to the Londolozi air strip are not included. Emma Goodman at can help book Federal Air flights to and from Londolozi.


Retreat Pricing

  • Shared Chalet $12,000
  • Includes individual bed & bath
  • Includes all meals private game drives,
  • Includes coaching facilitation


  • Pay in full $12,000

Payment Plan

  • Three payments of $4,000

Interested in this Retreat?

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Given the nature of the depth of coaching facilitation that takes place during retreats, it is advised that you have worked with Koelle Simpson for a minimum of 3 virtual one on one coaching sessions prior to attending an in person retreat.

Cancellation Policy

Due to the costly, non-refundable nature of reserving venues for various events, and the limited spaces available in workshops and retreats, a cancellation made 90 days or less from the dates of an event is non-refundable. Fifty percent of the event fee will be refunded for a cancellation made between 120 to 91 days prior to the scheduled retreat. Any cancellation made 121 days prior (roughly 4 months) to a scheduled event is fully refundable minus an administrative processing fee.

If you have to cancel and any portion of your retreat fee is retained, we will apply your payment as a credit for a future retreat program for up to two years.

We want to encourage everyone to be well covered in case of some unforeseen circumstance that would require the trip to be canceled. Thus, we strongly recommend looking at for comprehensive trip coverage.

What We Can Learn From Elephants

Listen to This New, Informational Call with Koelle To Learn More About Elephants & This Retreat

Whether you feel pulled to attend this powerful retreat or are just curious what it is elephants can teach each of us about connection, community, our emotions, building trust–listen to this free, call with renown horse whisperer and life coach, Koelle Simpson to learn more.

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What Clients Say

“The Return to the Heart Retreat had a positive impact on me. It made my heart and smile expand. It made the lessons I have learned over my life move from my mind into my heart. I now have a deeper understanding of what matters in my life.

I loved the animals—relating how they interact with each other with how we, humans, could do the same in our life. Sharing our experiences on game drives was an intimate way to help me open up to ways I can grow. It opened my mind to new perspectives on life and helped me with some of my blindspots. It especially help me pause in my habitual response to always wanting to be right.”

Pat J.

“I had a lot of awareness rise up. I observed how people would drop into fear over what they thought the animals might do instead of watching what they were actually doing. That has been a big lesson for me: when you let fear take over, you lose the ability to track the energy, moment by moment. You are instead in a pattern of fear and that distorts what is actually happening.”

Angela W.

“ChiGong, the game drives, sharing and learning from each other and feeling supported throughout along with Koelle’s strength, warmth, wisdom, and clarity made the experience very rich and powerful for me. Realizing I am not alone in facing life’s challenges—we all have trauma to resolve and need to learn to love ourselves and find inner peace. Authenticity. Koelle’s deep involvement and genuine support helped to challenge my well-worn (destructive) behavioral patterns while offering a new way of seeing and moving forward with a positive outlook and energy.

The small group size made it possible for everyone to have individual attention and coaching. There was nothing “boilerplate” or “standardized” in Koelle’s approach. She touched all of our hearts in an individual and very personal way. Incredible.”

Carolyn J.

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