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Koelle Simpson is a world-renowned life coach, horse whisperer, and leader of the Equus Coaching Movement.
The wisdom she witnessed in these powerful four-legged teachers offered a profound roadmap for how we as human beings can restore our own well-being and begin to cultivate safe, meaningful relationships with one another.

Speaking Topics


Professional Development: Psychological Safety in The Workplace

Ideal Audience: Professionals, Executives, Leadership Teams

The business landscape of today is marked by unprecedented changes very similar to the dynamic expansion and chaos cycles of the natural world. Technological advances keep commerce, employee retention and all aspects of work in perpetual transformation. Today’s leaders have immense responsibility to cultivate a supportive culture that fosters innovation so meaningful work can create a positive impact on the world. To succeed, employees and leaders must embrace resilience, creativity, emotional intelligence, clear communication, passionate engagement, dependability, vulnerability, and most importantly, trust.

Developing a work environment that embodies each of these elements is no small task. Yet, current research points to one vital element that provides a solid foundation for each of these dynamic values to emerge – a personal sense of psychological safety within the workplace.

With psychological safety present, an employee can freely take risks without feeling insecure, embarrassed, or judged; essentially being “safe” to be one’s wholehearted self in front of others. In turn, fellow team members also feel safe to be vulnerable with one another and thus fully engaged in shared creative endeavors.

With all of these challenges facing business leaders, how exactly do we create an environment where psychological safety can flourish?

The answer is surprisingly simple; one of the best models for creating psychological safety is found in nature.

In my case, I learned from nature by working with horses to heal my traumatic experiences from early childhood. Unfortunately, the trauma left me with an immense struggle to feel safe in the world. Fortunately, I turned to horses for a thread of hope.

At first, I had no idea how to form meaningful connections with horses, but quickly I learned to embark on an adventurous journey of deep self-exploration. My equine teachers revealed themselves to be true masters at creating psychological safety as a natural state of being. They taught me that I didn’t need to prove my value or demonstrate special attributes in order to “belong” with them. Instead, my horse teachers required only one action for connection – my willingness to be vulnerable. I simply had to show up as my whole self with compassion for both my strengths and my flaws and a willingness to accept theirs too.

In this space of self-compassion and mutual acceptance, a true connection between myself and horses emerged. Much to my amazement, it brought a level of connection that transcended the lines of culture and species which allowed my deepest healing to occur. In turn, the lessons and insights I gained over a lifetime of working with horses enabled me to intricately understand how to restore psychological safety within humanity.

Thanks to the profound lessons I’ve gained as a humble student of Mother Nature, I’ve spent more than a decade sharing these remarkable insights from horses to help cultivate psychological safety as the foundational centerpiece for a thriving organization. In this talk, I’ll share unique, memorable stories that spotlight the vital elements needed to create a thriving, successful work culture and an empowered sense of self.



During this talk we will:

  • Discover how the Mirror Effect impacts relationships both overtly and subconsciously
  • Cultivate psychological safety to improve meaningful engagement and resiliency
  • Learn to listen to others yet remain grounded in the validity of your own experiences
  • Witness the ripple effects of being present to enhance calmness and curiosity
  • Embrace the power of imperfection and vulnerability to unleash creativity

Personal Development:The Road Map to Healing & Transforming Sexual Trauma

Ideal Audience: Mental Health Professionals, Women, Anyone Interested in Hope and Healing

In 2017, the #MeToo movement shook the world and gave voice to the human rights epidemic of sexual harassment and abuse. The dark statistics are clear; one out of six women and one in thirty-three men will be sexually abused in their lifetime. Sadly only 37% of sexual abuse victims feel safe enough to report the crime! #MeToo revealed we can no longer ignore the collective scale of sexual misconduct in our society.

Like many, I am a survivor of multiple sexual assaults since my early youth. The trauma shattered my ability to trust others and left me consumed by self-doubt and shame. Although my experiences are sadly common, my journey into genuine healing took a rather unusual path. From a very early age, I looked to animals, most especially horses for guidance.

I discovered that horses hadn’t been completely overtaken by the effects of our human culture and the repetitive cycles of trauma we so often inflict on one another. I could see that the horses easily knew how to find genuine feelings of safety and belonging despite their own devastating experiences.

Somewhere in the center of my being, I knew that horses were offering me a powerful road map for how I could transform these traumatic events. Over the past 30 years, they’ve guided me on an adventurous journey to rediscover a deep sense of wholeness, self-empowerment and the ability to form healthy, meaningful connection with others.

Today it is my mission to shift the effects of trauma in our society by sharing the wisdom of my four-legged equine teachers. Horses have given me incredible insights into the key elements that perpetuate the cycles of human trauma behaviors. Much to my relief, they also offered a clear path for how we can begin to integrate the past and restore profound sense of well being

Over the last decade I’ve shared these powerful insights from horses to support hundreds of clients to release their own shame, fear and the overwhelming sense of inadequacy that often accompanies such traumatic events. In this talk, I’ll share with you unique, memorable stories from my equine teachers and the vital lessons they offer to spark our innate ability to heal and take the courageous steps needed to form a whole new way of being with one another.


During this talk we will discuss how to:

  • Support your innate capacity for healing
  • Disrupt the coping behaviors that can keep you stuck
  • Embrace the immense intelligence of your emotions
  • Recognize what you need to create an environment of safety
  • Understand the key steps that dissolve shame and self-doubt.
  • Discover the importance of identifying and honoring your needs
  • Restore trust in yourself and begin forming a life of wellbeing
  • Begin cultivating safe, meaningful connections with others

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