Free TeleClass Series: A Time for Connection

A Time for Connection

FREE 3-Part Teleclass & Coaching Support Call Series
With Horse Whisperer Koelle Simpson
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Invitation & Overview

Even when we’re not faced with the enormous ripple effects of a global pandemic, we humans often struggle to form meaningful, nourishing connections with one another. 

Why is that? Pre-pandemic, an estimated 70% of adults in the U.S. have already faced at least one overwhelming or traumatic event in their lifetime. The aftermath of a traumatic experience can often result in a difficulty to form safe, healthy relationships with one another, including being able to trust ourselves and our own experiences.

Now, as we collectively seek to cope with the effects of global pandemic and a tsunami of uncertainty, we’re all doing our best to manage feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, and more. It can sometimes feel like too much. 

The good news: we are innately resilient beings! Over the years, on my own healing journey, Mother Nature—particularly horses—have offered me a deep understanding of the key elements and practices that are needed to help transform these patterns.

When given the right tools and an environment of non-judgmental support, we can transform some of life’s most heartbreaking moments and restore our ability for meaningful engagement and connection.

That’s why I’ve created this new, tele-class series to help you gain awareness of the ripple effect trauma can have on you life and how you can begin to transform the patterns that unknowingly perpetuate disconnection.  

Call Details

Free TeleClass Series

Part 1: How did we get here? How can I chart a new course?

During this FREE 45 minute class you’ll learn: 

  • How and why we humans have been so significantly impacted by traumatic experiences.
  • The way animalsand Mother Nature at largeoffer us an important road-map to help us restore our own well-being, even in the face of so much uncertainty.

Then, we’ll join together to create a non-judgmental space of compassion and support while:

  • Listening to others sharing openly about personal challenges we each face in forming meaningful, vulnerable connections with others, particularly in this time of a pandemic.

We’ll conclude the call by practicing a powerful, new tool—that I’ll teach you—to help you unlock new levels of acceptance that can transform your connections with others!

Free TeleClass Series

Part 2: How to Build a New Foundation to Support Well-being

During this FREE 45 minute class you’ll learn: 

  • How restoring our needs for safety and cultivating a world of belonging can enable us to chart a new course, despite our life’s circumstances. 
  • The vital importance of joining together in order to dissolve the coping patterns of trauma and restore our capacity for intimacy.

Plus, you’ll learn a new, powerful tool to help you gain access to the body sensations that can enable you to “decode” your unique needs when it comes to restoring trust and creating intimacy. 

Then, witness how we can join together to create a non-judgmental space of compassion and support while:

  • Sharing openly, with each other, about what each of us truly need to begin forming safe, healthy relationships with one another.
Free TeleClass Series

Part 3: Allowing Your Body’s Intelligence to Guide the Way

During this FREE 45 minute class you’ll learn: 

  • The way our bodies are designed to synthesize our environments with more vital and accurate information then merely the conscious process from our verbal minds.
  • How animals fully utilize their senses to enable them to navigate a world of uncertainty.
  • What happens in our ability to feel grounded and fully informed by our own bodies when we have unresolved trauma.

Then, witness how we can join together to create a non-judgmental space of compassion and support to learn a meditative, new tool to help you rekindle and trust in the vital connection to the greater intelligence of your body, as you navigate the days ahead with more peace, more trust and less fear.

A Time for Connection

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FREE 3-Part Teleclass & Coaching Support Call Series

With Horse Whisperer Koelle Simpson

Sign Up to Receive the Call Recordings from This Free Call Series

A Personal Note from Koelle

Horses have been teaching me profound lessons for a new way of being since my early youth. They offered an important road map in my own life enabling me to embark on a journey that took me from utter hopelessness to a life filled with meaningful connections to others, a deep curiosity for life’s greater mystery and a humbling sense of awe for the resilience of the human spirit.

I’ve been traveling the world sharing the insights that horses and Mother Nature have offered me that have helped me heal from complex sexual abuse and trauma—lessons that continue to transform my world everyday.

The more I open myself to remaining curious, while deeply listening to the world around me, the more I come to recognize that we have become a human culture of trauma. Whether you’re one of the 70% of adults who have directly faced neglect, sexual, physical and/or psychological abuse or you’re struggling with feelings of shame, inadequacy and a sense of never feeling like you’re enough in your everyday life, or you’re beginning to feel the impact of trauma patterns that have unknowingly been passed down from one generation to the next—you are not alone.

I believe we are entering an important time in human history where we are each awakening to the impact of these patterns in order to embark on vital journey of healing. Facilitated work with horses can genuinely shift the relationship we are having with ourselves so that something truly magical can happen—our outer world, and relationships with others, undergoes a profound transformation mirroring back to us care, compassion, mutual respect and love.

I hope you’ll sign up to receive the call recordings from this special 3-part call series to learn more.

Much love,

Koelle Simpson

“A journey to the nature within.”

Grow the relationship with yourself. Transform your life patterns. Change your world.

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