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 A Message from Ashley

Dear You,

Whatever brought you to this page – whatever is on your mind or in your heart – I’d be honored to hear it. Your life matters. Your story and your struggles matter. The gifts you have matter. And in this time of hyper-connectivity and profound loneliness the simple act of slowing down and really being heard is revolutionary. Soul-making. Whatever you are walking with, whatever burdens and secret delights you carry, those embers are asking for your breath. To be breathed with, felt, and voiced. You’re not meant to do it alone. Together we can explore the life cycle and its wisdom. We can move from a fear of change to a faith in it.

My journey has been a series of rough initiations and remarkable blessings. I’ve learned that the wound is the medicine. Not merely a bumper sticker or pithy soundbite but a truth I couldn’t fully receive on my own. As a minister and theater artist, I seek to meet people where they are spiritually and to help them hear what their soul is asking of them. I am also deeply drawn to the ways that poetry, story, art, and music reflect and reveal the soul.  

Whatever brought you here, thank you for reading this letter. Thank you for taking a moment to learn a little more. If you’d like to have a conversation to get a better sense of me and my work, please schedule below.

Rose petals on your path,

My specialties include working with:


Grief & loss


Spiritual exploration


Deepening personal relationships


Life transitions

Ashley Jansen Pricing & Scheduling

Schedule a New Client Consultation

30 minutes

Schedule 5 Sessions at a Time

Series of Five 75 Min Coaching Sessions
A 10% Discount for booking 5 (saving $115)
$207 per session
Total fee: $1035


Schedule 1 Session at a Time

One 75 Min Coaching Session
$230 per session

Before Your Session


Personal Preparation

To make the most of your time with me, please fill out this brief questionnaire about your area of challenge/s.


Your Environment: Quiet & Undisturbed

For the most effective and comfortable session, please ensure you have a private and quiet setting. Please use headphones where possible for improved sound quality and reduced feedback.


Zoom Conferencing for Coaching Sessions

Your Zoom session log-in details will be emailed to you upon payment. If you’re new to Zoom please learn this very easy to use platform and join Zoom’s Test Meeting prior to your coaching session.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes unpredictable things happen in life. A cancellation request made at least 48 hours before the date and time of your scheduled session is fully refundable minus a $25 administrative processing fee. Any cancellation made less than 48 hours before the date and time of your scheduled session is non-refundable. At our discretion, we may offer a one-time reschedule of your session should there be extenuating circumstances.

Should there be an unexpected technology glitch for either participant that prevents an effective virtual coaching experience at the date and time of the scheduled session, the session may be rescheduled for a new date and time that work for both participants.

What Clients Say

Ashley will hold you. Will hold you in your experience like water. And when you are ready, to move, to shift, to try something, she is there with the fullness of her massive heart, the abundance of her wild creativity, and the depth of her grief-earned soul.”

Peter McLean


Ashley will meet you exactly where you are with no need, no desire, no interest in fixing, changing, stopping or starting whatever it is you’re feeling.”

Andrew Forsthoefel


“Ashley is a master of not rushing the cocoon, trusting the dissolve, and lightly blowing on your newly stretched wings. She is love. Love that is wild and wise.”  

Peter McLean


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