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Thank you for your time and for your curiosity to discover more about yourself and what it means to be human during this moment on our planet. For many of us, a split has occurred between our natural world and our inner landscapes. Many believe this is an inevitable aspect of life today. But after more than two decades of tracking wildlife, I understand that this fragmentation from our selves, family, ancestors, and nature is not innate to being human.

Rather, to be human is to be connected. Connected to each other, to our non-human world, and to a vocation that fills us and benefits the greater good. Each of one of us has the skills, senses, and ability to listen deeply and respond to what we hear. My tracking journey has helped me to trust my body and my intuition. When following an animal, it is essential that I am in my senses not my thinking brain. Every time I try to override my sensory perception and “think” my way towards an animal, I inevitably botch it up. I literally cannot see the tracks.

No one was more astounded than me when I realized that my internal landscapes of trauma, grief, and ego hindered my ability to trust myself and therefore my ability to make healthy decisions. Once I understood that there is no separation between my internal and external landscapes, I saw old patterns that once protected me were a hindrance.

When I uprooted those entrenched behaviors, my ability to track wildlife increased. I could see clear connections between the animals and their living landscape. My relationships with home, ecology, and the non-human world became vibrant, reciprocal, and diverse. As did my relationships with work, friends, and my husband. Turns out the skills I use to track a bear, are pretty similar to the skills necessary to track down funding for a project. Who knew?

Sometimes people ask me, “What do you do?” and cheekily I answer, “I help people slow down so that they can listen.”

Essentially this is true, but day to day, I get to work on diverse projects that integrate tracking, conservation, and social justice. I am adjunct faculty at my local college and independently teach tracking classes. My own tracking journey has led me to learn indigenous knowledge from local California and North American tribes as well as the KomaniSan Bushmen in the Kalahari. With permission from these tribes, I am able to bridge this wisdom into mainstream conservation to help create regenerative and resilient habitats.

I also work one on one with people to unravel their feelings of separation and build connection. While I have no intention of creating a world of trackers, I do hope to help folks track their way towards their passions, self love, and curiosity about the world with the assistance of our non-human neighbors.

My specialties include working with:


Supporting life transitions


Recognizing and release trauma from the body


Building connection to the outdoors


Building observation and awareness skills


Reading body language


Pattern literacy


Building resiliency

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What Clients Say

“Patrick’s ability to translate complex information into compelling stories that ignite the soul is unparalleled.” 

Amy Venturi, Chief of Staff, IMA

“Patrick demonstrates exemplary leadership, resourcefulness, and problem-solving skills and is adept at finding alternative pathways to a successful end result. As someone who has overcome adversity, his natural empathy coupled with enthusiasm make him a highly effective communicator.”

Don Elliman, Chancellor, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

“Patrick’s passion is to do good and help others who can benefit from his spirit, energy, heart, and toolbox of talents.”

Dennis Roop, Professor & Director, Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine

“Patrick’s brilliance is only exceeded by his compassion. He deeply listens to the concerns of others and strives to develop optimal solutions for the benefit of his clients, in order to promote well-being of those involved as well as for the organization. He is one of the most caring and effective leaders that I have had the pleasure to know.”

Leonard A. Wisneski, MD, FACP
Faculty-University of Colorado, Georgetown University, George Washington University

I have witnessed Patrick Gaines achieve significant accomplishments and conquer life’s most difficult challenges for almost twenty years. And through all of this, he has remained humble, confident, and quietly determined. Patrick can listen like very few people and, as such, can provide sound advice to his friends and colleagues. He is unique in that way. Patrick can see others as they are and also look within himself for guidance. If you are lucky enough to be called Patrick’s friend, you are very fortunate, for he will never abandon you when times get tough.

John Finegan, President & CEO, Focused Cloud, LLC


“Patrick’s voice is unique – attending to skills and approaches that are often under-taught or, unfortunately, wholly absent from leadership and development discussions of the day. With an eye toward self mastery, Patrick helps his clients and friends re-engage with work-life in deeply meaningful ways, developing leaders who can thrive in a complex and uncertain world.”

Freddie Marianacci, Executive Director of Development, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

“Something that everyone craves is to be truly understood by another person. This may be the greatest gift Patrick has to offer. He sees people for their strengths and vulnerabilities, and he helps them see themselves in a gentle and appreciative way that allows them to improve”

Miranda Graul, Director of Philanthropy, WellPower


“I highly recommend Patrick as a leader and collaborator. His abilities to create meaningful connections, commitment to doing good in the world, and unwavering dedication to others are rare and refreshing. Patrick is the perfect choice if you are looking for someone who will inspire you to be your best and help you achieve your goals. He understands that life is messy, complicated, and often challenging. He brings kindness and empathy to every connection and never fails to create a space to feel seen, heard, and valued.”

Ben Fiscus, Senior Director, Major Gifts, Mile High United Way


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