About Ashley Gates Jansen

Ashley Gates Jansen

Ashley Gates Jansen

Ash is an interfaith minister who goes wherever she is called. She is also a theatre artist and former teacher at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. She has extensive experience working with artists, addictions, mental illness, spiritual despair, and personal relationships. She is committed to helping others rekindle their inner divinity, grace, power, and wisdom.

A lifelong learner, Ashley has studied with Byron Katie at her School for the Work, Stephen Jenkinson at his Orphan Wisdom School, Therese Jornlin in her incredible class Women Awake, Richard Rohr at The Living School, and with the West African elder, Malidoma Some. Ashley also studies and participates in grief spaces with Francis Weller through his Soulful Living Community.

As a speaker, she has presented her hour-long “Fierce Embrace” talk on college campuses and theatre stages. Most recently Ashley has been working as a hospital chaplain. She is most at home by the sea, in an empty theater, or in the company of soul family.

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