I’m writing you just as I’m about to make my return to my home to the North Star Ranch in San Luis Obispo, CA. I’m returning after nearly 3 months in the South African bush veld at Londolozi game preserve where I make time each year for deep resting and a full submersion into the to wisdom of nature.

While on my last walk through the bush landscape, it dawned on me just how profoundly wise the rhythms of nature truly are. Boyd Varty and I were out tracking a rhino. We strolled about looking for the signs and signal of the large bull who had made his way through this area hours before us.

We went this way and that way, turning back, going forwarded again, playfully exploring with our clear intention in mind — that our observations of the subtle tracks and signs along with our intuition would connect us with the energetic thread of the bull rhino and lead us into another world. Another level of presence.

“It’s a world filled with inherent wisdom.” I thought to myself. Animals don’t move in straight lines with only the pressure of the end goal and final destination in mind. Rather, there is a flow with the landscape. The animals seem to be in a greater state of harmony allowing “It” move them and inspire them to needs of the moment…… smell, listen, feel, look, graze, sleep, connect, be aware, explore.

Unlike the human culture that teaches each of us we are alone and we must always strive toward a goal to create a place of safety, nature seems to understand that key to safety and true internal nourishment is not about reaching an end goal or keeping score on your levels of success. Rather, the safety and nourishment arises from your willingness to surrender to the presence of this remarkable moment.

About the time my linear mind fell away, I started to feel a bit turned around and somewhat unaware of the place where we began. We glanced up. We looked around. He was close. We could feel it. He reveal himself from behind thick brush. The bull rhino stood in the distance letting us know we had returned to our essential wisdom.

This month, I would like to invite you to take notice of what is driving your daily actions. A helpful way to do this is to ask yourself “Why?” three times. Wait for your true answer to arise.

Is it a story you continue to carry from the fears of our human culture? Or, have you set yourself free to allow “It” to guide you….. the creation of your own essential wisdom with life.

With great love and gratitude,