Over the years, I’ve seen the incredible insights that can come when we listen to one another’s real life stories, struggles, questions and “aha moments”. When we have the opportunity to witness one another’s process, we can learn a great deal about ourselves while also recognizing that we’re not alone in this wild adventure of reclaiming and restoring our own true nature.

That’s why I’m happy to announce my new podcast called Journey to the Nature Within where I’ll be sharing anonymous life coaching sessions along with interviews from individuals who share a unique perspective on life.

From an early age, horses have helped me to viscerally recognize just how much life tends to mirror back to us the internal, emotional relationship we each are having with ourselves. Time and again, I find myself in awe to discover that my life experiences and those of my clients are often a reflective self-portrait for how each of us are treating ourselves on a given day.

For most human beings this internal relationship is fraught with shame, fear, aggression, and a constant feeling of inadequacy. Unlike the wild, simple presence of Mother Nature, we have been born into a human culture that fosters perfectionism, competition, scarcity and the never ending need to prove one’s value. This cultural narrative sets up nearly every human beingwho longs to feel love and connectionto instead have a nagging inner critic at best, or a overwhelming internal bully at worst.

I’ve discovered that if we can be brave enough to remain curious about our own feelings and behaviors, we can embark on an extraordinary journey. This journey can unveil a new level of self awareness that enables each of us to untangle from a culture of fear and once again return to a genuine sense of home, a place of true belonging within ourselves, amongst one another and as a part of the natural world.

I welcome you to join me as we take a Journey to the Nature with Within sharing vulnerable conversations, perspectives and new insights with one another that heal the human heart.

Enjoy this first episode of Journey to the Nature Within where I coach a client embarking on a brave journey of learning new ways to disrupt her patterns of codependence to begin cultivating real self love:

[audio src="https://www.mediafire.com/file/ztbbtwdj871z03h/A_Journey_to_the_Nature_Within_Podcast_-_Episode_1_-_Disrupting_Codependence_and_Cultivating_Self_Love.mp3" /]


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