This Valentines Day, Koelle Simpson reflects on her most important relationship—her relationship with herself.

You’re invited to watch this new video from Koelle about the incredible value of this relationship and read her love letter below. Then consider taking a courgeous step to write a love letter to yourself and see what you discover.

To My Greatest Valentine: Koelle’s Love Letter to Herself

Dear Koelle,

There will be many times that I will get confused, lost and disconnected from you in our journey. When I get scared I may shout at you to do more, to be better, to try harder or to give more of yourself to others, all while often completely ignoring everything you have to say to me about my demands in return.

I ask, my love, that you continue to be patient with me. I know our journey together is long-filled with many indescribable highs and lows. At the core of my being—underneath all my fears, there is nothing I desire more in the world—than to feel a strong, loving connection to you.

You are the part of me that is grounded, patient, wise, playful, rebellious and endlessly able to be wildly in love with what is. I will do my best to stay curious and open myself, more deeply, to listen, to become more vulnerable and not always seek to take control.

I love your gentle nudges to get my attention. I love that you remind me with a sore neck and an aching shoulder when is time to step away from work and grab the yoga mat. And—even when you kick up a huge fuss and throw an outright tantrum inside this body—I’m reminded that you’re doing this for me, in an effort to restore our relationship to one another.

I haven’t always trusted you which has caused a lot of deep pain between us. Over the years, I now have come to understand that you’ve been reaching out to love me the whole time.

Thank for your patience as you continue communicating to me —no matter how distracted I might be. Thank you for your powerful language of stirring emotion: that can range from intense fear or rage to the peaceful melodies of well being or the heart-exploding exhalation of falling in love. Thank you for the wise guidance you always offer through the sensations of the body. You teach me a little more, with each passing day, about what it feels like to be in balance and harmony together.

This Valentine’s Day, I want to celebrate our incredible journey with one another and simply take a moment to say, I love you.

Thank you for being you.

Your soulmate,