With all the adversity we have been facing in the midst of this 2020 global pandemic, it’s time to become curious about what we need for meaningful, nourishing connections with one another.

In this new video, Koelle Simpson shares her what she’s learning, along with her clients, during this time as well as an invitation to join her in June, for three free, live (virtual) gatherings!


When given the right tools and an environment of non-judgmental support, we can transform some of life’s most heartbreaking moments and restore our ability for meaningful engagement and connection.

Join Koelle Simpson for a free, 3-part teleclass series to help you gain awareness of the ripple effect trauma can have on your life and how you can begin to transform the patterns that unknowingly perpetuate disconnection.

Learn more and sign up here: koelleinstitute.com/equuscoaching/a-time-for-connection/

Watch this video: