Many of you who have followed my work, attended retreats, and/or have received coaching support over the last fourteen years know about my hearing challenges. I lost the majority of my hearing at two years old to Spinal Meningitis.

Although the journey has been filled with plenty of challenges, my hearing loss was a driving factor that fueled an immense desire and curiosity to listen for what lies beneath the surface of our words. Given that tracking verbal language required a lot of focused concentration, I often found myself listening for the language of the heart. As you know, animals, most especially horses, helped me foster this loss into a remarkable way to listen and form a whole new level of connection.

Over the years my limited hearing has continued to decline. I’m now heavily reliant on special remote microphones and electronic transcriptions in order to understand the specifics of what each of you may want to share. Luckily, I’m living in a time when we’ve made some fantastic advancements in technology and medicine and thus I’m able to receive a cochlear implant surgery!

I’ve officially been scheduled to receive this surgery on August 26th. This will be followed by one month in complete silence as I wait for my body to heal before they activate the device on Sept. 23rd. The following months will be filled with an adventurous rehabilitation process of re-training my brain to understand the new sound vibrations it’s receiving. My excitement, nervousness, and overall curiosity for how the world will sound post-surgery continues to swirl about in my awareness.

Please wish me luck as I take this next leap of faith to explore what our bodies are capable of while also following my endless desire to listen, understand, and seek meaningful heartfelt connection with you.

Watch this video:

Please don’t be shy to take a moment and share with me the choice points you may be facing at this time. I know each of us is in the midst of surfing big waves of uncertainty. I’d love to hear about the way life may be asking you to take the next leap of faith. Please message me to share your own story. I’m always eager to listen.